March 24, 2016

How to shutdown Siebel server in < 5 seconds?

Getting late for lunch date with girlfriend and damn Siebel server won't stop. Ever been in such situation??

Well I have been. This is my actual story, don't worry I am not going tell stories about my partner, it's about our favorite Siebel server which sometimes won't come down for good 10 or more minutes, don't expect anything for starting up.

Before I tell you the trick how I made it to my date on time, let me warn you about the repercussions. It's highly dangerous way of shutting down the siebel server, don't try this in important environments, use it only if you have no regards for your employer. And be aware that this could corrupt your installation or cause data corruption.  But hey! do partners care? if you kept them waiting, you will have to face the music for entire year or more.

For the siebel people in love, this is what you have to do to get to your date on time:
  1. Open command prompt on Siebel server host(I have tried this windows host only).Get the process id (PID) of Siebel server by running this query:

    sc queryex siebelservicename
  2. And then run following queries in exact sequence by replacing PID found in output of above statement :
    taskkill /f /pid 10116
    taskkill /im siebmtshmw.exe /f
    taskkill /im siebmtsh.exe /f
    taskkill /im siebsess.exe /f
    taskkill /im siebprocmw.exe /f
    taskkill /im siebproc.exe /f
Voila ! Siebel server is down . If you are successful you will see memory getting free faster than ever, srf will  be available for update and you can start the Siebel server the way you like.
Siebel Server memory consumption
And will see output like:

Shutdown Siebel server by command line

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  1. Its an Easter egg :)
    You made me doubtful at first, I have checked it again and it works for me without fail. Try it out.