June 16, 2016

How to hide disabled buttons in Siebel Open UI?

With IP 15 and 16 Open UI themes have inclined towards bigger controls and more blank space on page, which is not bad thing but too much of it is making UI cluttered specially on small screens.

To fix this issue one can hide all disabled controls and all the white space around it. this can be done by simply adding following CSS and Open UI framework takes care of the rest.

button.appletButtonDis {
    display: none;

Further on to hide disabled menu items add :

    display: none;

Siebel adds these classes and attributes to all the buttons on all applets and menus including new/query/delete icons to show them as disabled. Thus this change effects the entire application.

This post is contributed by esteem reader from down under via siebel-developers slack community. Register today to read more discussion like this.

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