August 30, 2013

How to create Pick list field in Siebel?

This is one of the most common problem that is faced by new siebel developers. Answer of this question can tell a lot about actual hands on experience of the developer and how much experience he holds in debugging.

There are only few reasons why picklist doesn't work, which can be summarized as below:

  1. Pick map of the new field is not populating the foreign key field of the field.
  2. Join created to pull the value of the field is not created properly.
  3. If no values are shown in drop down then pick list is might not compiled yet, or the LOV type and values are not created in administration views.
  4. If value is not displayed after selecting value from pick applet then wrong field is selected in pick map of the field.
  5. Update only if null is not configured properly. 

Related Questions:

Question :What are the reasons for field based on picklist not showing drop down or pick applet icon?

Answer: Pick applet might not be selected on the list item or control of the applet or runtime property of the control is set to false.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have faced any other issue with the pick lists. 

SBL-SRB-00047: Could Not Route Message to WfProcMgr With Registered Key (Null)

Problem: This error can be found in Siebel server logs when workflow monitor agent is not able to contact  workflow process manager and requests get queued up in S_ESCL_REQ.
This simply means that workflow monitor agent is not able to execute workflow because another component is down or looks like unavailable to SR Broker.
Impact: As a result interface calls to the external interfaces or any other asynchronous process configured using policy will get delayed.


August 24, 2013

Output of EAI Webservice with Soapui is Gibberish

This is most likely the first response from a Siebel Webservice when you use SOAP UI to test an Inbound web service.

Siebel Configuration Interview Questions - Applet Toggles

In an Siebel Technical interview consultant may face some questions on applet toggles, which seems to be quite easy topic, this section will help you to quickly understand the applet toggles.

Some quick facts about Siebel Toggle Applets:
  • A static toggle applet does not require to reference the same business component!
  • A dynamic toggle applet must reference the same business component, which can also be a VBC (virtual business component). 
  • Applet toggles can be based on List as well as Form Applets.

Question : When do you think applet toggle should be implemented?

Answer: Applet toggles should be implemented when number of relevant fields are less than displayed fields. With use of applet toggle, only relevant fields can be displayed to the user which decreases the time spent in data entry.

Question : Is there any performance impact on the application of using applet toggles?

Answer : Yes, Siebel loads all available applets each time user navigates to a view having toggle applets, and complete screen is refreshed when applet is changed.

"Siebel CRM loads all available applet toggles each time the user navigates to an applet."

Question : How to debug a toggle applet in Siebel?

Check the field name in business component on which applet toggle is based on.
Expose the field on the applet to verify the value and verify the value.
Check if the field's Immediate Post Change property is set to true.
Test toggle applet with two applets first and then increase numbers if required.
Compile all objects again. 

Question : What are different forms of applet toggles?

Answer: Static and Dynamic Applet Toggle
Static Applet toggle gives user option to choose the applet from drop down control, whereas dynamic applet toggle refreshes the view with new applet depending upon the field value.

Question : How to configure a new dynamic applet toggle in Siebel?

A) Create a copy of applet and change the fields as required.
B) Go to the original applet and create new applet toggle record.
C) Specify the Applet toggle field and applet toggle value along with the name of the new applet.
After this configuration new applet will show instead of the original applet whenever the field value matches with the value specified in the tools.

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