December 21, 2016

Gift yourself salesforce skills this holiday season!

Either you are seasoned Siebel developer or just starting struggling with Siebel, I am sure learning salesforce would have crossed your mind. No doubt Siebel is the best full fledged CRM product out there, but there is no harm is learning new stuff.

I have set a challenge for myself to learn salesforce this holiday season and seriously try for salesforce consulting job roles in the new year. I want to invite all How To Siebel readers to join me in journey and learn salesforce together.
Salesforce Unleashed

I am going to learn salesforce by myself by going through trail head and online tutorials, and going to share my progress on my new blog 

To make it easy please follow my latest posts :
How to get started with salesforce
Screen cast of earning first trail head badge.
Question and Answers

At last I will leave you with a quote from Dr Seuss

And recommend you to come and follow me on my new Salesforce Unleashed blog and keep up with my salesforce learning plan.

Override windows idle timeout!

As a Siebel Consultant you must have come across windows machines with extremely short idle timeout. I guess I am not the only one who hates to type in password again and again, situation becomes worst when machine logs off or gets powered off due to idle session timeout!!

Out of frustration, I started to hunt for a solution. Keep in mind I don't have privileges to change setting on the OS.

December 12, 2016

How to hide an applet conditionally in Siebel Open UI??

While working on Siebel Open UI - UX improvement projects numerous times we need to access data through PM and PR layer without showing data to user.
For such requirements you just wish if it was possible to have applet in view with all the required fields and methods you need, but just shouldn't show up on UI.

Well that is possible, there are two ways to handle this on the client side.

December 08, 2016

How to find the siebel log files using command line?

While working on Siebel projects you must have come across numerous occasions where you need to find specific log with specific error or any one user name or any one xml value which is causing trouble.

Usually this type of task involve tedious task of opening all the log files during the time duration one by one. 

November 11, 2016

Date Manipulation in Siebel eScript

We have seen how to manipulate date values in Siebel Workflows. In this post we will see how can we work with date variables in Siebel eScript and use them to work with date fields.

I am not the author of these functions, It is just collection of useful functions that I have implemented in few projects. Please feel free to share your coding tricks for date variables in comments below.

Date Functions in Siebel eScript
Date Functions in Siebel eScript

How to add days to a date?

function AddToDate(sourceDate, nDays, nHours, nMinutes, nSeconds, nsign)
   // sourceDate  :  Date object
  // nDays, nHours , nMinutes , nSeconds  :  Integer numbers
  // nsign : Can have two values : 1 or ­1
  //             1 indicates to ADD to the sourceDate
  //            ­1 indicates to SUBTRACT from the sourceDate
  // Returns : A date object, after adding/subtracting
  // ndays,hNours,nMinutes
  //          and nseconds to the sourceDate.
  var retDate = sourceDate;
  return (retDate);

 How to find difference of days between two dates?

function DiffDays(date1, date2)
{// date1 : Date object
// date2 : Date object
// Returns : Number of days between date1 and date2
return ((date2.getTime()­ - date1.getTime())/(1000*60*60*24));

How to convert date object to String?

function DateToString(dDate)
  // dDate  :  Date object
  // Returns : A string with the format "mm/dd/yyyy" or "mm/dd/yyyy
  var sMonth = ToString(dDate.getMonth() + 1);
  if (sMonth.length == 1) {sMonth = "0" + sMonth;}
  var sDay = ToString(dDate.getDate());
  if (sDay.length == 1) {sDay = "0" + sDay;}
  var sHours = ToString(dDate.getHours());
  if (sHours.length == 1) {sHours = "0" + sHours;}
  var sMinutes = ToString(dDate.getMinutes());
  if (sMinutes.length == 1) {sMinutes = "0" + sMinutes;}
  var sSeconds = ToString(dDate.getSeconds());
  if (sSeconds.length == 1) {sSeconds = "0" + sSeconds;}
  if (sHours == "00" && sMinutes == "00" && sSeconds == "00")
    return (sMonth +"/"+  sDay +"/" + dDate.getFullYear())
    return (sMonth +"/"+  sDay +"/" + dDate.getFullYear() +"


  How to convert String to Date Object?

function StringToDate(sDate)
  // sDate  :  A string with the format "mm/dd/yyyy" or "mm/dd/yyyy
  // Returns : a Date object
  var ArDateTime = sDate.split (" ");
  var  ArDate = ArDateTime[0];
  var  splitDate = ArDate.split ("/");
  var nDay = ToNumber(splitDate[1]);
ar nMonth = ToNumber(splitDate[0]);
  var nYear = ToNumber(splitDate[2]);
  if (ArDateTime.length == 1)
     return (new Date(nYear, nMonth­1 , nDay))
  {  var ArTime = ArDateTime[1];
      var splitTime = ArTime.split(":");
      if (splitTime[0]=="00" && splitTime[1]=="00" && splitTime[2]=="00"
            return (new Date(nYear, nMonth­1 , nDay))
            var nHours     = ToNumber(splitTime[0]);
            var nMinutes   = ToNumber(splitTime[1]);
            var nSeconds = ToNumber(splitTime[2]);
            return (new Date(nYear,nMonth­1,nDay, nHours, nMinutes,

How to find records created in past 5 days? 

var dToday = new Date();
var FiveDaysAgo =  AddToDate(today,5,0,0,0,­1);
var bo = TheApplication().GetBusObject("Service Request");
var bc = bo.GetBusComp("Service Request");
bc.SetSearchSpec ("Created", ">= " + "'" + DateToString(FiveDaysAgo)
+ "'");

How to compare two dates?

function CompareDates(dte_from,dte_to)
/* Function to compare two dates.. will return 1 if dte_from is greater than dte_to else will return 0 */
var myM = ToInteger(dte_from.getMonth()+1);
var myD = ToInteger(dte_from.getDate());
var myY = ToInteger(dte_from.getFullYear());
var toM = ToInteger(dte_to.getMonth()+1);
var toD = ToInteger(dte_to.getDate());
var toY = ToInteger(dte_to.getFullYear());
if ((myY < toY)||((myY==toY)&&(myM < toM))||((myY==toY)&&(myM==toM)&&(myD < = toD)))

How to find if date is a future date?

function IsFutureDate(mydate)
 *  Function to check if a date is greater than today
 *  Returns 0 if Current Date is larger
 *  1 if Passed Variable is larger

var istoday = new Date();   
var myM = ToInteger(mydate.getMonth()+1);
var myD = ToInteger(mydate.getDate());
var myY = ToInteger(mydate.getFullYear());
var toM = ToInteger(istoday.getMonth()+1);
var toD = ToInteger(istoday.getDate());
var toY = ToInteger(istoday.getFullYear());
if ((myY < toY)||((myY==toY)&&(myM < toM))||((myY==toY)&&(myM==toM)&&(myD < = toD)))

** Code is provided for conceptual purpose only, please test the code explained throughly before implementing in production environment.