June 28, 2013

Date manipulation in Siebel Workflows - Contd

In continuation of Incrementing date in workflows.
See latest post on Date functions Siebel eScript

This article explains how to compare two dates type process property in Siebel Workflows.

Everything seems to work as expected, the only point is to make sure you have set the property type of the property holding date as "Date"

To add number of days to a date: [&Date] +30
To subtract number of days from a date : [&Date] - 4
To find if date is passed: [&Date] < Today()
To find if date is future date: [&Date] > Today()
To Add 1 Sec to a date: [&Date] + (1/(24*60*60))

Comparing Date in Siebel Workflow Expression
Comparing Date in Siebel Workflow Expression

Julian days also seems to work perfectly in Siebel Workflow Expression.

To get current Julian month use: JulianMonth(Today())
To get Julian Year: JulianYear(Today())
To get Julian Week: JulianWeek(Today())

Julian Month in Siebel Workflow Expression
Julian Month in Siebel Workflow Expression
Siebel Workflow Process Output
Workflow Process Output
Today(): returns current system date without timestamp.
Timestamp(): returns date with time stamp



  1. I enjoyed the reading.
    Keep it up :-))))

    1. I am glad you like it, feel free to suggest any content that you would like to see it on this blog.

  2. It's really worth reading. Please keep posting valuable siebel stuffs. Thanks siddu

  3. I have a process property in my workflow which is startWorkflow. I wanna set it to TimeStamp() but when i type this function in default date i get an error : "The value 'TimeStamp()' cannot be converted to a date time value.(SBL-DAT-00359)". Why do I get this ? How to resolve it ? Thank you in advance !