June 20, 2013

Oracle Siebel CRM Support Timelines

Are you worried about your existing Siebel CRM investment? or thinking of implementing Siebel to manage your customer touch points? then look no further.
Siebel has not lost his shine even after presence of many cloud based CRM solutions. Siebel still remains the market leader and supporting clients around the world to manage customer relationships, infact it proves to be best return on investment.
With recent release of Open UI Innovation Pack, Oracle has proved that Siebel CRM still is current and meaningful in days of modern web browsers and devices.

Following is the Screen grab from the Oracle Siebel Statement of Direction May 2012.

Siebel Support timelines for existing Siebel versions
This clearly shows the extended support is available for next six years which is comfortably more than IT planning program of organisations and indefinite Sustaining Support ensures safety of the investments.

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