November 14, 2013

Siebel EAI Interview Questions - EAI Siebel Adapter

Question: Explain the methods of EAI Siebel Adapter

Answer: EAI Siebel Adapter is pre-build business service which interacts with Siebel Object manager to perform CRUD operations on Siebel Database. Following methods are available on the service:


  1. Query method is used to query data from Siebel, output of this method is Integration Object instance.
  2. Query can be executed using :
    1. Row id of the primary BusComp
    2. Search spec consisting of parent and child buscomp fields.
    3. Integration object instance - which is also known as Query By Example
  3. Only required input argument of this method is Output Integration Object Name which is the name of integration object which is queried by the service.

November 07, 2013

Whats wrong with EAI Java Business Service?

What is wrong with EAI Java Business Service?? This was my reaction after struggling with EAI Java Business Service and trying to execute small Java code from Siebel. Actually there is nothing wrong with the service, it is our lack of knowledge and less experience with Java development which makes it difficult to configure.

I am going to list down steps required to get the Sample bookshelf code working with Siebel web client.

1. Siebel is not compatible with Java 1.7.
If you compile from Java 1.7 or above you will get the following error while calling service from Siebel

Class name incorrect or does not extend SiebelBusinessService : AddBusinessService -- JVM Exception:java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: AddBusinessService : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0(SBL-EAI-05010)
For workaround Siebel Tools comes with a older version of jdk which can help you to compile and get rid of the above error.

November 01, 2013

JSON and Siebel

JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a new lightweight integration message format which is replacing XML in thin client integrations. There are no meta tags and data description in JSON as in XML, it is just a string representation of JavaScript Object, it is designed to help javascript code to convert data to string and string to data without considerable overhead.


Many companies have started replacing XML with JSON in APIs. All the APIs of Google (Maps,Mail,Calendar, plus etc are now serving JSON), Twitter API,  Facebook apps and interfaces are built using JSON.
Read more on JSON on :

Siebel lacks in support of JSON on server side. Oracle support recommends use of workarounds such as using custom scripting to parse JSON response received by Siebel.

So how to interpret json in Siebel? Answer lies in the escript engine of Siebel. Siebel eScript as we know is actually ECMA script which was basis of Javascript. That is why the syntax of Javascript and eScript closely matches each other.
ECMA adopted JSON before it became standard in javascript. Thus our well known Siebel eScript also have some support.