November 07, 2013

Whats wrong with EAI Java Business Service?

What is wrong with EAI Java Business Service?? This was my reaction after struggling with EAI Java Business Service and trying to execute small Java code from Siebel. Actually there is nothing wrong with the service, it is our lack of knowledge and less experience with Java development which makes it difficult to configure.

I am going to list down steps required to get the Sample bookshelf code working with Siebel web client.

1. Siebel is not compatible with Java 1.7.
If you compile from Java 1.7 or above you will get the following error while calling service from Siebel

Class name incorrect or does not extend SiebelBusinessService : AddBusinessService -- JVM Exception:java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: AddBusinessService : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0(SBL-EAI-05010)
For workaround Siebel Tools comes with a older version of jdk which can help you to compile and get rid of the above error.

2. Remove "package com.example.jbs" from the sample code
This code is required when you want to package the class into jar file, which is not essential to get the code working. If you want to keep this intact then you will have to keep the java file in com\example\jbs folder. We recommend remove this declaration to avoid more complexity.

4. How to compile the sample code.
Place the copy the code into file and compile using following command.

javac -cp C:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\CLASSES\Siebel.jar
5. Change the @Class parameter to the direct class name : AddBusinesService
If you have removed the package com.example.jbs then change the @class to AddBusinessService.

6. Update the Classpath
If you decide to keep the class file then you need to provide the folder location of the file in CLASSPATH parameter of JAVA subsection. Simplest parameter will look like.:

DLL = C:\Program Files\java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll
CLASSPATH = C:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\CLASSES\Siebel.jar;C:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\CLASSES\SiebelJI_enu.jar;C:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\CLASSES\.
VMOPTIONS = -Xrs -Djava.compiler=NONE -Djms.log=C:\logs\
Be mindful of the period(.) at the end of the directory, this tells the JVM where to look for class files to execute code.

Further reading :
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Hope it helps


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