November 14, 2013

Siebel EAI Interview Questions - EAI Siebel Adapter

Question: Explain the methods of EAI Siebel Adapter

Answer: EAI Siebel Adapter is pre-build business service which interacts with Siebel Object manager to perform CRUD operations on Siebel Database. Following methods are available on the service:


  1. Query method is used to query data from Siebel, output of this method is Integration Object instance.
  2. Query can be executed using :
    1. Row id of the primary BusComp
    2. Search spec consisting of parent and child buscomp fields.
    3. Integration object instance - which is also known as Query By Example
  3. Only required input argument of this method is Output Integration Object Name which is the name of integration object which is queried by the service.


  1. Insert Method can be used to insert records in siebel database. 
  2. This method only accepts integration object instance as input argument.
  3. Values must be provided for all the fields of at least one user key.


  1. Is used to update the records in siebel database
  2. Method will throw error if no records or multiple records found for the user key defined.
  3. Performs synchronise operation for child bus comp.


  1. Is combination of Insert and Update.
  2. Method queries for provided user key values and decides to update if record is found in database otherwise it deletes the records. 


  1. Delete method is used to delete one or more records from the database. Inputs which can be provided are:
    1. Primary Row Id of primary business component.
    2. Search spec
    3. Integration Component Instance.
  2. Exception: It does not deletes the child records from the database if child IC is not present in inputs.


  1. Synchronize method combines insert, update and delete operations and make the database content as same as integration object instance.If there is only a new child present in integration object instance then this method will delete all the child records from database and create new one from input instance.
  2. Exceptions
    1. Does not delete child data if child component is not present in integration object instance.
    2. Deletes all the child records if instance has empty container.


  1. Execute method performs operation depending upon the operation variable present in the instance.
  2. Operations that can be specified is: Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete


  1. Upsert does not delete any records... Please correct the same.

  2. Yes right, it will insert.