October 19, 2013

How to Pre-populate CC or BCC in Siebel F9 Functionality?

Siebel F9 Email Client no doubt is one of best out of the box functionality of Siebel. It has lot of its logic built into the classes thus presents some limitations. In our previous post we saw how we can bring data from child business component data into email body.

In this posts lets see how we can pre-default CC or BCC recipients using some scripting. Out of the box
when ever Send Email method is invoked from on any Siebel Applet, Send Communication Applet is opened, and "To" email field is populated with the value of the field specified in Recipient Email Address Field  user property on the BC.

However there is no way we can pre-default CC and BCC fields out of the box. With the help of small script on  Send Communication Applet can set the value of To Email, CC, BCC and Email Body as well. This can be useful little customization that can help to pre-populate data which can not be achieved using email templates and recipient groups.

function WebApplet_Load ()
    var oBC = this.BusComp();
    oBC.SetFieldValue("Email BCC Line","a@a.com");

Siebel Email Client - Siebel 7.8
Hope it helps


October 18, 2013

Property Set Value is marked as binary data - SBL-EXL-00109

Error: PropertySet GetValue call failed. PropertySet Value is marked as binary data, starting with: 'PropertySet GetValue call failed. PropertySet Value is marked as binary data, starting with: '(SBL-EXL-00109)

This error occurs when Siebel script tries to manipulate the data from external interface which is not UTF-16, as GetValue or GetProperty Methods are build to return on UTF-16 data. I was getting this error when I was trying to GET some data using EAI HTTP Transport Service.

There are two solutions which can be used to resolve this issue.
First: Use Transcode Service, Convert Method, and using EncodingToString and SourceEncoding as CP1252. Read more on: http://learnfrommike.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/read-response-from-invoking-siebel-crm.html

Second: EAI HTTP Service provides conversion directly from the service. We can provide
CharSetConversion input property to convert the output to required encoding. I was successful using following code:

function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName, Inputs, Outputs)
var bs = TheApplication().GetService("EAI HTTP Transport");
var inp = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var op = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
return (CancelOperation);

Hope it helps.

Part4: Patching Siebel Client

This step is the  last and simplest step of the Siebel installation.The only two point to make sure in this step are:
Select the right oracle home for patching, by default it create another oracle home and might not complete as installation file does not contain all the data.
Second verify Summary which is shown just before installation,  it should read as below.

See the complete list of steps : Installing Siebel on Windows 8

Part 3:Installing Siebel 8.1.1 Client on Windows 8

After downloading the jar files and creating Siebel Install Image, task that remains is to install Siebel 8.1.1 Tools and client and patching  with There are only few hiccups with this installation.

Pre-Installation steps:
1. Create Siebel folder, and share this folder with every user with full access. - although it is not required but it helps to avoid file write errors.
2. Change oui.exe comapatibility setting to run it in Windows XP(Service Pack 3) mode.

Installation steps:
1. Run oui.exe and select Run as administrator option, select the folder created for installation.
2. Installer might report some warnings as part of Pre-requisite checks, check the flags to skip them.
3. Select Developer web client in next prompt.
4. After this step, installer asks for parameters for server configuration, which is used for server management screens of the application. These parameters are not required to populate now, one can safely skip to next steps keeping the “CHANGE_ME” value.
5. In final step installer displays all your inputs to confirm your responses, and provide option to install.
6. To install Active X, installer opens up the internet explorer, if installation of Active X fails, installation can get corrupted and you can get the following error, to avoid this error click allow button on ie for installation of active x and close the browser when requested.

Errors you might face:
SSACommonDllInit failed for enu(SBL-GEN-02505)
Click play to view screencast for the installation

Steps to download Siebel Tools

October 13, 2013

Part 2: Creating Siebel Install Image

This article is Second in series of How to Install Siebel on Windows 8.

It explain how to create Siebel Install Images on Windows 8 using files downloaded in Part 2: Download Siebel Jar files from Oracle
Before proceeding with installation make sure you are logged in using administrator user, and latest JRE is installed if not please use: Java.com
Download Java

After installing JRE,  follow these steps in sequence.
Point to be noted:
  1. Full install image need to be created for Siebel 8.1.1  
  2. Patch Image need to be created for Siebel
  3. Siebel Image creator will need to be run in console mode for 8.1.1 (only image creation is shown below).

Part 1: Download Siebel Jar files from Oracle

This article is First in series of steps to Install Siebel on Windows 8.

It explain which files to download from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud for installation of Siebel
As explained earlier to install Siebel we need to download binaries for version 8.1.1 also.

Siebel 8.1.1 installation downloads required:

Siebel Business Applications Version Siebel Client(Part 1 of 2)
Siebel Business Applications Version Siebel Client(Part 2 of 2)
Siebel Business Applications Version Siebel Client Part 2 (Part 1 of 2)
Siebel Business Applications Version Siebel Client Part 2 (Part 2 of 2)
Siebel Business Applications Version Siebel Tools
Siebel Business Applications Version ImageCreator Files

Siebel installation downloads required:

Siebel Industry Applications Version Siebel Client
Siebel Industry Applications Version Siebel Tools
Siebel Business Applications Version Sample Database Files
Siebel Business Applications Version ImageCreator Files

These files in total are around 10 GB, luckily Oracle software delivery cloud allows opening multiple connections for downloading files. I was able to download @ 2Mbps using Free download manager, otherwise download speed drops soon after reaching 20%.
I highly recommend to use Free Download Manager to manage Siebel downloads.

October 12, 2013

Installing Siebel on Windows 8

Installing Siebel Tools and Web Client can be very daunting sometimes, especially when you trying to install  a new Version of Siebel on a new operating system. I spent many weeks to get my Siebel (technically ver self learning environment on Windows 8 and as expected process was difficult.

Every step in installing there was some sort of issue, I have created list of issues I found and the work around. I have divided steps into posts:

Downloading Siebel Jar file from Oracle
Creating Siebel Install Image
Installing Siebel 8.1.1
Patching Siebel

Before proceeding with the steps please be informed about following: 
  1. Siebel Tools and Client can not be installed at directly, you will have to install Siebel 8.1.1 first and then create patch-set to install Siebel However it is possible to create single Siebel Server installation image.
  2. You should have administrator privileges and have the latest version of JRE from java.com
  3. You would need oracle accoun to access and download all the files from  Oracle Software Delivery Cloud  required for Siebel 8.1.1 and Siebel

Disclaimer: Windows 8 is not supported/recommended platform for Siebel, please use solutions provided at your own discretion.

October 10, 2013

How to take backup of Siebel Tables?

This article explains how to take backup of Siebel Tables or any other table in Oracle database. It is a good practice to take backup of data before making any changes to schema or before updating bulk records. However Siebel does not provide any archiving or data backup solution out of the box.

There are couple of solutions available if you are using oracle database, some of them are:
1. First option is to copy the table with all the data into a new table in same or any other database.As compared with the any other option turnaround time is very less, as this command executes on the server and there is no payload transferred between client and server.

This can be done with the help of create table command with select statement.

CREATE TABLE new_table  AS (SELECT * FROM old_table);

October 06, 2013

SBL-DAT-00309 :You do not have the privileges required to view detailed information for this record.

We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:

You do not have the privileges required to view detailed information for this record. Please contact your systems administrator if you would like access to this record (SBL-DAT-00309)