October 18, 2013

Part 3:Installing Siebel 8.1.1 Client on Windows 8

After downloading the jar files and creating Siebel Install Image, task that remains is to install Siebel 8.1.1 Tools and client and patching  with There are only few hiccups with this installation.

Pre-Installation steps:
1. Create Siebel folder, and share this folder with every user with full access. - although it is not required but it helps to avoid file write errors.
2. Change oui.exe comapatibility setting to run it in Windows XP(Service Pack 3) mode.

Installation steps:
1. Run oui.exe and select Run as administrator option, select the folder created for installation.
2. Installer might report some warnings as part of Pre-requisite checks, check the flags to skip them.
3. Select Developer web client in next prompt.
4. After this step, installer asks for parameters for server configuration, which is used for server management screens of the application. These parameters are not required to populate now, one can safely skip to next steps keeping the “CHANGE_ME” value.
5. In final step installer displays all your inputs to confirm your responses, and provide option to install.
6. To install Active X, installer opens up the internet explorer, if installation of Active X fails, installation can get corrupted and you can get the following error, to avoid this error click allow button on ie for installation of active x and close the browser when requested.

Errors you might face:
SSACommonDllInit failed for enu(SBL-GEN-02505)
Click play to view screencast for the installation

Steps to download Siebel Tools

1 comment :

  1. OUI-10133: Invalid staging are. There are no top level components for windows
    I am getting this error when I try to install siebel client, tools installation and patching went fine.

    any ideas?