July 16, 2013

SBL-SCR-00128 : Script compilation failed at line Expected '}'

Siebel Tools Error

Script compilation failed at line 36 in procedure 'BusComp_WriteRecord':
Syntax error at Line 368 position 35:Expected '}'

This is one of the compile time error which can waste a lot of time, the worst thing about this error is that it does not indicate the actual problem and point to unrelated section of the code.

This error can occur because of multiple reasons, and can force developer to check the whole code. Some of tips that one can use to resolve this error are:

July 15, 2013

Siebel Open UI - Oracle Open World Presentation

This is the official presentation of Siebel Open UI on Oracle Open World.

Siebel CRM: Open UI from Ilya Milshtein

Showing screenshots for  : Native Print Preview
Multiple File Upload/Download
Lists and forms
Pick and MVG Applets
Calendar control
LOV quick fill
Explorer Control
Product configurator
Sitemap finder
Smart Script and TBUI
Email F9


July 05, 2013

Discussion with Tom Siebel

Ever wondered what Tom Siebel is doing after selling Siebel CRM suite to Oracle in 2005? We hardly heard anything from him except his last accident with elephant in 2009.