May 25, 2016

Guide to resolve Generic SSA NOTOK error message. SBL-DAT-00472

SBL-DAT-00472: Generic SSA NOTOK error message.

SSA NOTOK Error in Siebel

This error occurs in Siebel when there is some fundamental configuration mistake, like syntax errors or missing workflows or incorrect joins are configured. This error can be very difficult to fix, as it leaves very thin trace behind and there is no indication to start with. When I faced this error I narrowed it down by going through the most common reasons of this error and started to rule them out one by one.

Following is the list which I followed from various support web articles.

1. Deleted Workflows

Runtime events that are created automatically by workflow deployment have row id of workflow specified on them, and if that workflow does not exist in system then run time event can throw this error. To debug this turn on the personalisation logs and narrow down which runtime event is causing the trouble.

2. Explicit Joins on 1:1 tables

Someone has created explicit join based on 1:1 extention table and name of the join is same as the table name. For example table S_SRV_REQ1_FNX is extension table of S_SRV_REQ, so one should not create join in Service request BC with table S_SRV_REQ1_FNX to avoid getting this error.

3. Calculated Fields

This is the most common cause of this error. Any syntax mistake in calculation or calculation which compares a two different data types can result into SSA NOTOK Error.
For example following calculation will cause this error :
IIf ([Status] = 1, 10, 0)
This because the status field is DTYPE_TEXT and it is compared to integer value.

In my case I had a field in BC with syntactically incorrect calculation. Which was easy to find as it popped up as first thing in BC validation.

4. BC field Validations

This is another place where calculated fields can be referred and could cause this error. This might not error out every time as calculation might not be evaluated in all conditions. So do check field level validations as well when trying to fix this issue.

5. Run-time events or DVMs

Another place I would look for would be RTE and DVMs as they also use Siebel query language to identify records and validate things and any syntax goof up can cause this error to popup.

Another place you might get this error is while generating sample XML for BIP reports, this happens because application is not able to find the folder location specified in component parameter for XMLPReportDataDir .

Please feel free to share and discuss your experiences with this error in comments below.

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