March 22, 2016

How to use Siebel Product Configurator API in Workflow?

What is Product Configurator API? 
Siebel product configurator API is bunch of Siebel business services and methods which allows to add order item under a root customizable product which complies with rules and validations defined in product model.

It is much more cryptic and complex if one starts with the bookshelf.

@renjith shared this beautiful document on slack community.This example explains how we can invoke Siebel Configurator API in correct sequence to add line items in an order.
Product Configurator API in Workflow
In this example, workflow first creates new order and a order line item for root customizable product using Siebel Operation Step. And then it invokes Remote Complex Object Instance service(API) methods to add line item under the root customisable product.

Product Model used for demo :
Siebel Product Model
 Business Service executed in sequence are:

  1. ISS Copy Service :: Load EAI
  2. Remote Complex Object Instance :: LoadInstance
  3. Remote Complex Object Instance :: CreateSession
  4. Remote Complex Object Instance :: SyncInstance
  5. Remote Complex Object Instance :: UnloadInstance

Level of simplicity and details shown in the document is just awesome. Hats off to @renjith!!

Download the document from here. If document has been helpful, then please plus one this post to let @renjith know.

If you have similar articles and would like to share with all viewers then please let me now in comments below. I will be more than happy to share.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this solution...luckily i am also working on the same thing
    but i've a question...that inserting the product directly, will it also add the product attributes?

    1. Hi Naeem, With my experience product attributes with default values and constraints built on them get selected as soon as you add line item. Optional attributes needs special processing. However this is v7.8 experience. Let us know how you go. - Jim