January 16, 2016

How to get name of siebel server in eScript?

I found this script recently on support web which allows us to get value of Siebel server name, log directory of the current session. I quickly extended script to get value of siebel task id and process id to help me in my debugging.

These values can be very useful if you are working on multi server issue. With the help of task Id I was able to find the log of current session without opening each log file. Please share in comments below on how you choose to use this script.

var serverSession_BO = TheApplication().GetBusObject("Server Admin - Sessions");
var serverSession_BC = serverSession_BO.GetBusComp("SA-VBC Session");
var taskParam_BC = serverSession_BO.GetBusComp("Server Task Parameter");

serverSession_BC.SetSearchSpec("OM_LOGIN", logInName);

taskParam_BC.SetSearchSpec("Parameter", "Log directory");

var compName = serverSession_BC.GetFieldValue("CC_ALIAS");
var siebsrvrName = serverSession_BC.GetFieldValue("SV_NAME");
var task_id = serverSession_BC.GetFieldValue("TK_TASKID");
var p_id = serverSession_BC.GetFieldValue("TK_PID");
var logDir = taskParam_BC.GetFieldValue("Current Value");

Additionally one can also find the windows process id and thread id by using following script.

var processId, taskId;
processId = taskId = ""; // initialize to satisfy eScript parser

//evaluate to suppress STDCALL not being recognized with eScript parser
eval('processId = SElib.dynamicLink("kernel32.dll","GetCurrentProcessId", STDCALL)');
eval('taskId = SElib.dynamicLink("kernel32.dll","GetCurrentThreadId", STDCALL)');

processId = processId.toString();
taskId = taskId.toString();

I bet you wont be able to do this in any cloud application. :)

Hope it helps. 

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