Siebel Interview Questions

Siebel Interview can be very tricky for business, it is very important to hire right resource at the right time, it is never easy to find the actual ability of a person in one hour or so.

At "How To Siebel?" I have built this section to help interviewer and interviewee both. Interview Questions recorded on the website are listed in logical sequence of Siebel development,

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Scenario Based Interview Questions

Have you implemented looping mechanism in your workflows, can you explain different ways?
What is the sub process in Siebel, what is the use of sub process? when do you go for sub process?
In production how do you debug a workflow, can you please explain?
Tell me some vanilla business services you used in workflows?
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Open UI Interview Questions

What are different layers of JavaScript classes in Open UI ?
What is Proxy in Open UI?
What is Plugin Wrapper? How it is different from PR?
How to update manifest for a new PR layer?
How can we provide different UX/UI in Siebel Open UI for certain group of users?
What is difference between == and === in JavaScript?
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Workflow Interview Questions

How to build Siebel Workflow Expression?
What is the difference between Expression business component and Filter business component in Siebel Operation?
How to invoke siebel workflow through Command Line?
What are the different ways to invoke workflows in Siebel?
How to invoke workflow on specific server?
What are different ways of error handling in workflow process?
What is the difference between Stop step and End Step?
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EAI Interview Questions

Explain the difference between methods of EAI Siebel Adapter
How to convert incoming Data to uppercase before importing in Siebel?
How to import WSDL in Siebel?
How to generate DTD of an Siebel Integration Object?
What is the significance of Name of Integration Component Field?
What is the difference between External & Internal Integration Object?
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Siebel Configuration Interview Questions

What is the difference between dynamic picklist and static picklist?
How to create a new static picklist in Siebel?
What is the difference between bounded picklist and unbounded picklist?
What is the difference between Picklist and MVG?
How Multilingual LOV works in Siebel ?

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