August 29, 2015

Top 10 most annoying features of Open UI!

I am back with another installment of #ShameOnOracle series. I have been doing talking with lot of Siebel users recently, Strange enough I got almost the same reactions when I asked user what they don't like about Open UI.

From the reactions I have created this list of Top 10 most annoying features of Siebel Open UI:

  1. No vertical scroll in list applets.
  2. No hour glass for system processing.
  3. No popup multi-line text areas.
  4. MVG lost shuttle applet.
  5. Attachment drag and drop doesn't work.
  6. On the fly attachment update is not supported.
  7. Product configurator is slower than HI product configurator
  8. Screen real estate is not utilized properly in to, lot of blank spaces left on UI.
  9. Keyboard shortcuts doesn't work properly.
  10. Document title is not static.

Please be mindful that these list of issues faced by end user at my current customer only and does not represent all users of Siebel Open UI. Issues presented here might not look like an issue to you personally or your customer.

Did you receive same reactions anywhere? Please feel free to share your feedback or solutions in comments below.



  1. Hi Jim,

    indeed, some of this is annoying while some stuff like shuttle applets are available (again) in IP 2014 or higher or is related to outdated browsers such as IE 9. And I agree that a software vendor should be more proactive with customer concerns.

    With your permission, let me share a Siebel Hub article with your readers that demonstrates the power of the Open UI API and the power of the Siebel community.

    Here's a solution for enabling pop-ups on text areas:

    have a nice day


    1. thanks @lex, thanks for sharing the link, indeed its great solution, would like to see ip2013 version of it.

      I agree that there is now even greater need of collaboration in Siebel Community, but at the moment community and siebel customers are bit confused over Oracle's direction, no one seems to invest lot on Siebel, coming few months seems to be very critical for Siebel.What do you think?

    2. As a siebel practitioner with 15+ years experience I can say we have gone full circle. Interest in Siebel is growing massively and my contacts tell me that either projects are running to upgrade to Open UI or brand new projects are starting up.

      Oracle's investment in Siebel is paying off. Initially, the Siebel community could see that Oracle killed off Siebel but the last 2-3 years (and the future roadmap) shows that Oracle has done more for Siebel than Siebel Inc. themselves.

      Very exciting times for us.

  2. Have they fixed the right click issue ? Does right clicking on the applets bring up the context sensitive menu ?

    1. Good reminder Static Variable!! definitely it is strong contender to be in top 10, however as this list is prepared from the reactions of end users of Siebel and not developers, it might settle for 11th position.

      Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Hi Jim,

    great summary indeed. This is a good perspective for the final users.
    I would actually like to put together some comments on the way Open Ui has been designed not from a UX standpoint but also from a development point of view. I have many things in the pipe but it would be nice to extend those as a community.
    I would invite you to join the Future Oracle Siebel community group on LinkedIn (, I will share this article there.


    1. Thanks Manuel, looking forward for your contribution.

    2. Hi Jim...
      here you go... in my style:

  4. Two things I would love to be able to do in Open UI are:

    (1) Selectively control which applets have the Menu drop down - sometimes it can get confusing.
    (2) have a floating bar which stays at the top of the window as the user scrolls vertically through the page -> the bar might show which contact the user is scrolling through, which account, etc so the end user always knows who/what they are looking at

    Any ideas?

    1. Yes, it is possible to remove the Menu button from applets. You will have to create a PR layer for such applets and find Menu control in ShowUI event and remove or hide it from UI using jQuery .remove() or .hide()

      Floating bar is possible,it depends on how much functionality you want there.