August 25, 2015

Open UI just doesn't work!

I recently met a group of people who basically vented out their first reactions on Siebel Open UI. Group consisted of both technical staff and non technical end users, thus I was able to validate and confirm issues.

At the end of discussion I was left with long list of things that doesn't work in Open UI. On researching support web, picture became more appalling.

Following is the list of very basic things that just don't work in Open UI, and sad part is that Oracle is not acting on them at all.

Please share your views in the comments below.

  1. Scrolling through list applet does not work with keyboard shortcut.

    When you get a list applet displayed in Open UI and before you click on any data row you navigate with the keys <CTRL>+<ARROW-DOWN> the focus will jump to the next record.But the previous record is still highlighted.
    Oracle raised couple of bugs for it, but didn't provided any fix for IP2013

  2. Drag and Drop of attachment does not work in IE9 and IE11 in IP2013 however it works in other browsers.

    Open UI Product Management recommends :
    ..."Drag and drop will not work in any IE version in Siebel release and below. The biggest issue here is that IE8 and IE9 simply don’t support standards based drag and drop in HTML5. For IE10 there is a defect in a third party being used to provide this functionality. The third party has resolved the issue and it will be included in a future Siebel release. We would not encourage customers to upgrade the third party themselves, but rather they should wait for the next Siebel release when a fix will be made available"....
    In one of the SR oracle has gone one step further and recommended to change the browser.

  3. Open UI doesn't show hour glass while running query.

    This has been reported to oracle by many customers and since earliest open UI release, still oracle hasn't provided any fix yet.
    Steps to replicate:
    1) Log Into Open UI enabled siebel application
    2) Navigate to Accounts > All Accounts View
    3) Select the field to be searched using In Line Search(dropdown on top of list applet)
    4) Query for a field which can take some time to return records
    5) hourglass not shown and user doesn't know whether the system is querying or not!

  4. Vertical scroll is not present in open ui list applets.

    Siebel HI List Applet
    This one is the annoying thing of open UI. I don't understand why oracle has gone ahead picked up jqgrid for designing list applets. Grid is not capable enough to handle the large amount of data thus vertical scrolling is difficult to implement. This is also the reason of bad performance of Open UI client.

  5. Text area fields in open UI does not pops up.

    This is the second most annoying thing for an experienced HI user. Suddenly after upgrade Siebel losses it's popout text areas and no solution was provided till date. I have seen long time wasted to resolve this thing by many developers.
We all know list of issues with Open UI doesn't end here. I will create another list of Top 10 annoying things of Open UI to share it with you.

Till the time if you any problem that was just rejected by oracle to fix and think that should get slot in top 10 the please share it in comments below.



  1. The issue with drag and drop from Outlook into Siebel attachments applets is the one I got most complaints about from my end users. That one seems to be addressed with IP2016. Another annoying issue with Open UI (IP2013) is that you cannot copy/paste text on F9 or Email templates (it works with Chrome, but not with IE11, he standard browser we use at our company). This seems to be resolved with IP2016. Bad news is that there are no plans for us to go through another Siebel upgrade int he near team (too many other higher priority competing projects).

    1. Thanks Anonymous,

      Most of the Siebel customers are in same situation, solutions for their biggest problems are in 2016 upgrade however siebel upgrade is too costly and too risky. you might risk breaking some other functionality.