February 02, 2015

Fixing title of Siebel Open UI

It is one of the well known problems of Siebel Open UI. Browser title of Open UI application is not static and is not set by AOM's "ApplicationTitle" parameter.  

There are numerous other problems with it other than being static, like:
1.Title shows "-the end-"  if the application is refreshed by browser refresh button.
Title showing as -the end- in home screen
2. Dynamic title for every view, which does not contains application name.  
Home page is showing Contact Home Title on navigating back.
3. Home Page View does not show the title correctly if user navigates back from any other screen tab.
Activity home screen show Account Home Title
4. Home Page of screen tabs shows first record information. 

Contact Home shows record details.


1. Update Title property for all the views in application with correct title or a static title. 

This solution requires changing lot of objects in repository and does not fixes issues with home page views.
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2. Update the document title using Open UI Postload event. 

Although this will cause title to title to flicker from the original title to a static title, but it is the only solution which is as close as to the HI application title. 

Change you postload.js or create new custom js and add following script to the application. 

 If(typeof (SiebelAppFacade.ChangeTitle) == "undefined") {

SiebelApp.EventManager.addListner( "postload", OnPostload, this );
function OnPostload( ){
document.title="Siebel Call Center";
SiebelJS.Log("Error caught in postload: "+error);

However this solution does not help in case of record navigation. Choose wisely. Hope it helps.

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