December 26, 2013

Getting Started with Siebel Order Management

This is the first article in series of Siebel Order Management Tutorials. These tutorials will consists of short articles in form of questions and answers on Siebel Order Management particularly Siebel Product Configurator and Siebel Pricing.

I will be tracking the complete Siebel Order Management tutorials here, you can refer to it as index.

What is Siebel Order Management?

Order Management is one of the most successful CRM vertical to help telecom operator to manage customer base and order management. It consists of customer creation, order creation and tracking and modification of the assets.

Most important parts of Order Management is Product Configurator and Pricing engine which helps users to configure the product offering for the end customer and provide them the service.

How to get started with Order Management?

Technical name of the Siebel Order Management Application is Siebel Power Communications and cfg name is scomm.cfg. I will be using sample database on Siebel with Open UI turned on for all the tutorials.

Order Management is a complex application it does not work out of the box even with Sample database. Please follow these steps to get started. I recommend to follow these steps before starting with the upcoming tutorials.

Step 1: Activate all the workflows related to Order Management , Product Configurator and Pricing.
Bookshelf provides list of workflow which should be activated, however the list is not exhaustive thus I usually activate the following workflows:
If you try to activate all the product related workflows you might get the following error:
[1]Cannot register runtime event for branch 'Cancel.DECISION' in step 'Get User Name & Password'.(SBL-BPR-00116)
[2]Cannot register action for runtime event.(SBL-BPR-00115)
[3]Invalid operation when not executed.(SBL-DAT-00471)
Please ignore the error and try to proceed with the workflow activation from the next available workflow.

Step 2: Fix all the issues with OOB sample database by following instruction on support web article. Doc ID 788942.1
You might see these errors if the signals and variable maps are not resolved in this step:
We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:
 Error invoking service 'Context Service', method 'GetRowSetData' at step 'Get Row Set'.(SBL-BPR-00162) 
 If you are facing the same issue again even after following the steps in support web article then go to CalculatePrice_Configurator signal and release the workspace a new version.

Step 3: Go to Administration Product View and try to validate any customizable product.
If you are successful then you should see screen something like this:

Product Configurator with Auto Reprice Templates

Product Configurator with Manual Reprice Template

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Next in series: Order Management Entities  - HUG


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