September 18, 2015

Remove tiny X icon from MVG and Picklist fields in Internet Explorer

MVG and Picklist fields of Siebel IP2013 shows a tiny X icon on right end, on clicking this icon data in the field is cleared. Due to awkward positioning user end up clicking it unintentionally. This behaviour is only available for IE browser.
X in Account Field
X in Currency Field

This was added by oracle in hope to improve usability, but it has received lot angst from end users. Instead of improving user experience it risks of losing data in case of miss click.

Luckily there is simple css solution to remove this icon. Following line in your custom css can remove this unnecessary usability trick from entire application.


Input text fields with this css looks amazing just as in chrome and firefox.

CSS fix for Pick list fields

Currency Field in Siebel Open UI

Hope it helps.

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