September 16, 2013

How to download Siebel bookshelf?

This article will explain  you how to search and download Siebel Bookshelf from oracle software delivery cloud. Software delivery cloud is the download site for Oracle's all the software products and training materials. You will need to create a Oracle Web Account to proceed with any download.

It is recommended for new Siebel Developers to download a local copy of bookshelf to make it easier to read through and understand the product in detail. Bookshelf contains product's technical and sometime end user guides. It can prove as a useful weapon in your arsenal to debug issues and reference.

Step 1: Login to Oracle eDelivery cloud & Search for Siebel CRM Product suite

Step 2: Select the version you are after, din't woryy it wont start the download yet.

Step 3: Scroll to see the Siebel bookshelf download link and click download.


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