February 04, 2016

Chrome's hidden menu for Open UI

If you are working on css or js changes for Siebel Open UI, you would be struggling with browser caching. I have noticed some cache even when I am using incognito mode of chrome.

Out of frustration one might end up installing chrome app/plugin to forcefully clear cache. One of them is "Clear Cache" 

Interestingly chrome has now created a very discreet "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" option for developers. To see this option open developer tools by pressing F12 and then press and hold reload button. I have been using this option from past one week and it worked every time as expected.

Chrome Hard Reload for Open UI

Please be mindful that this is an hidden menu and only shows up when chrome's developer tools are open.

Happy coding :)


  1. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I can't thank you enough for this. I have been spending time doing small changes, closing chrome, clearing the cache (deleting files from profile, since I'm on a restricted Chrome edition), I just tried this and it works great! Thanks a ton!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tip.
    Any idea on Firefox??