February 14, 2014

Quiz: How to change the destination field of MVG?

This could be one of the most difficult Siebel Configuration Interview Question, it took me some time to understand it and found it quite amusing. Let us see how many of us could answer this. :)

Requirement: To change the destination field of an MVG. Siebel Provides option to change the source field of an MVG so that child records for some other key field can be fetched.

From Siebel tools help: 
MVG Source field Definition

Source Field (O)
Specifies the name of a source field that Siebel CRM uses to link the child business component with the source business component. The source business component is the business component that includes the object definition for the multivalue link. If the source field is different from the Id, then the Source Field property is required.

Requirement is to change the destination field, please bear in mind the MVG is based on M:M relation using a inter table. 

Update:  Sorry guys to being so late in responding to the comments.

Answer to the question is: Source Field and Destination Field of the M:M links can be modified just like 1: M link. Siebel supports having source and destination fields as well as inter-table on a link, this makes the links most configurable.

I have explained all the links in my latest post : Links Demystified


  1. I think the destination fields are the ones referred via MVFields in the Soure BC. One would set up MVFs pointing to fields on the target BC, so that those values arrive in the Source BC in MVG Applets

  2. Hi, it's been more than a month since this post. I would really like to know the answer to this question. When could you share the answer, please ?

    1. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for being busy somewhere else. you will soon see some updates on the post and answer as well. - Jim

  3. Hello Jim, Could you please answer to your puzzles please

    1. Sorry guys to put you off. I wasted lot of time understanding how a link with inter table and source and destination field can work!

      I apologies for delay will update this post this week with nice diagram.

  4. Hi Jim.
    Its been a year now. Could you please share the answer to this question ? Has it something to do with the type fields on MVLs ?

  5. Jim, please share this answer with us. I think most of us have left siebel and I am personally too lazy to install siebel just to find what this is about. Is destination the field in the column in the intersection table when the record is created ?

  6. Yeah Jim, what the answer?

    Give us some thing easier to answer in your next blog.
    Cheer. Rahim Maarof

  7. Thanks Jim, for the answer. But doesn't this mean that every BC/MVG which uses that link is now modified ? The MVG itself does not modify anything, the change is at the Link level. So it would be better to clone the link itself and make a new one, to be sure nothing else is affected ?